Capital Port Moresby
Area 462,840 sq kms
Current Weather Maximum temperature: 88 °F Minimum temperature:  83 °F
Population 7.1 million (Estimates 2011)
Languages (with %age of speakers, if available) English (official language) Pidgin, Motu & Over 800 local languages
Religions (with %age, if available) Christianity (Catholic, Anglicans, Baptists & Lutherans)
Currency Exchange rate with US$ & INR Kina INR 1 = Kina 0.0480 approx. US$ 1= Kina 3.10 approx.
Political Structure PNG is a constitutional democracy with unicameral Parliament of 111 members.  Queen Elizabeth-II is the Head of State represented by the Governor General who is elected by Parliament by a secret ballot.  
There are 22 provinces with locally elected provincial assemblies.  The Provincial Governments are responsible for health, education, rural development, etc. for which funds are devolved by the National Government in Port Moresby.
Head of State (President) Governor General H.E. Hon. Bob Dadae, (assumed office as the tenth Governor-General on 28 Feb. 2017)
Head of Government (Prime Minister) Prime Minister Hon’ble Mr. Peter O’Neill
Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade Hon’ble Mr. Rimbink Pato
Economy Overview

PNG is a resource rich country. It has estimated recoverable reserves of about 23 million ounces of gold, 500 million barrels of oil and 35 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. It is rich in forest and marine resources. Its two-third export earnings come from gold, silver copper, nickel and crude oil. The rest is from timber, coffee, palm oil, cocoa, copra, rubber and marine exports. PNG’s major imports are machinery and equipment, manufactured goods, food and chemicals. While its mining and oil sectors are dominated by Australia, USA and UK, its other major trading partners are Japan, Germany, Singapore, China, New Zealand, Korea and Indonesia. Trade with Australia constitutes around 45% of the total trade. China has become a major player with a large investment in nickel and cobalt mines. PNG receives over US$ 600 million annual grants-in-aid from Australia. Other donors are Japan, EU, China and New Zealand.
An important development in the recent past was the taking off of the US$ 19 billion LNG project with a consortium led by Exxon Mobil. The project is expected to sustain PNG economy for the next 40-50 years. LNG exports begun in 2014.
GDP US$ 17 billion (2014)
GDP per capita US$  1784 (2014)
GDP per capita PPP US $ 2723 (2014)
GDP annual growth rate 2.6% (2016)
Total Trade Imports Exports US$ 9.1 billion US$ 4.0 billion US$ 5.1 billion
Bilateral Trade Imports from India Exports to India US$ 144.41 (2016-17) US$  36.35 million US$ 108.06 million
Indian community Approximately 3,000.  Mostly businessmen and officials working in various departments, serving in different areas, including IT and IT-enabled services, education, technical personnel for mining, hydrocarbons, etc.
Indian Community Association India Association of Papua New Guniea (IAPNG)
Indian Organizations Nil
High Commission of India, Port Moresby Lot 30, Section 7, Lawes Road, Granville, NCD, Port Moresby. Post Box No.86, Waigani, NCD, Port Moresby. Tel : +675-3214291; Fax : +675-3214397; Website : www.hcipom.gov.in
High Commissioner : Mr. Vijai Kumar

August 2018