High Commission of India 
Port Moresby

Governor General H.E.Sir Frank Ofagioro Kabui     (since July, 2009)
Prime Minister H.E. Mr. Rick Houenipwela
Foreign Minister H.E.Mr.Milner Tozaka
Ruling Party/Parties               Grand Coalition for Change comprising People’s Alliance Party, Association of Ind. Members, United Party, National Front for Progress
Population 5,83,591(2015 est.)
Geographical location About 1800 km North-East of Australia  in the South-Western Pacific Ocean between 5 and 15 south latitude and 155 c and 170 east longitude.  Solomon Islands consists of about 300 islands.
Total land area 27,556 sq kms
Administrative divisions 9 provinces and 1 capital territory*; Central Choiseul, Guadalcanal, Honiara*, Isabel, Makira, Malaita, Rennell and Bellona, Temotu, Western
Climate Tropical with average day temperature 29 degrees centigrade with high humidity ranging from 60 to 90 per cent
Language(s) English (official) and Pidgin.  About 80 tribal dialects and languages are spoken in Solomon Islands
Ethnic Group(s) Melanesian (93%), Polynesian (4%), Micronesian (1.5%), European (0.8%), Chinese (0.3%), other (0.4%)
Religion(s) 96% Christian.  In rural areas, many people follow traditional religions.  There are also some  Hindus, Muslims and Baha’is
GDP US $ 1.129 billion (2015 est )
GDP Per Capita $ 1,982.27 (2015)
Gross National Income $ 1.273 billion PPP dollars (2015)
GDP Growth Rate 3.3% annual change (2015 est.)
GNI Per Capita 2,180 PPP Dollars.
Major trading partners Australia,China, Singapore, South Korea  Japan, New Zealand
India's exports to SI $  2.71 million (2015-16); $ 2.10 (2016-17 Apr.-Feb.)
India's imports $ 67.67 million (2015-16);  $ 53.25 mn.(2016-17 - Apr. - Feb.)
Bilateral Trade (2015-16) $ 70.38 million
Major exports by SI Cocoa, copra, fish & fish products, palm oil, timber
Major imports Foodstuffs, consumer goods, machinery& transport equipment, mineral fuels, basic manufactures
Foreign Exchange Reserves
(2015 est. world bank)
US$ 519.56 million [As per Central Bank of SI :  SBD$ 4,421/- mn, as on Apr.26, 2017].
Currency Solomon Islands Dollars
Rate of Exchange (US$ : SI) 0.1260 (May 2017 - central bank of SI)
Literacy 64%
Birth Rate 37.3 per 1000
Life expectancy 68.146 years
Unemployment Below 20% of the people are employed fulltime; rest partially employed
Indian passport holders 30 (approx)
National Day 7 July (Independence Day)
Week Holidays Saturday and Sunday
Time difference with India 5-1/2 hours ahead of IST

April, 2018